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AquaFloat Air Humidifier

AquaFloat Air Humidifier

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Introducing the AquaFloat Air Humidifier, the ultimate solution to elevate your well-being and transform your living space into a haven of relaxation.

💧 Water Drop Countercurrent Visual Effect 💧 Our AquaFloat Air Humidifier doesn't just humidify the air, it creates a mesmerizing visual display reminiscent of water droplets. As water descends in a countercurrent motion, it soothes your mind and envelops you in a tranquil ambiance. This unique feature is not only visually captivating but also a source of relaxation, making it the perfect addition to your living space.

💧 800ml Big Capacity 💧 With an ample 800ml water tank capacity, our humidifier ensures long-lasting moisture for your surroundings. Say goodbye to the constant hassle of refilling, and enjoy hours of uninterrupted relaxation.

💧 Elegant and Versatile Design 💧 Available in a stunning white and green color combination, this humidifier is not just a functional appliance, it's a statement piece that complements any interior decor. Its compact dimensions (120*220mm) make it suitable for any room, from your bedroom to your office.

💧 Anti-Gravity Black Technology 💧 Powered by cutting-edge anti-gravity black technology, the AquaFloat Air Humidifier is not only a functional device but a conversation starter. This technology allows the mesmerizing water drop countercurrent visual effect that sets this humidifier apart from the rest.

Included in the package:

  • 1 * AquaFloat Air Humidifier
  • 1 * USB data cable
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