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"Glass Skin" Korean Rice Raw Pulp Skin Care Set (6pcs)

"Glass Skin" Korean Rice Raw Pulp Skin Care Set (6pcs)

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Unlock Time-Honored Beauty Secrets with Our "Glass Skin" Korean Rice Raw Pulp Skin Care Sets! 🌟

Discover the ancient beauty wisdom of rice in our exclusive skincare collection! Crafted to achieve the coveted "glass skin" look, our 6-piece set is a curated treasure trove of skincare essentials that harmonize traditional practices with modern formulations. 

🍚 Centuries of Beauty Wisdom 🍚 Embrace the secrets of time-honored beauty rituals! Rice, revered across diverse cultures for centuries, takes center stage in our skincare. Its potent properties bring forth radiant and youthful-looking skin, an embodiment of timeless beauty.

Rice Hyaluronic Acid Essence (15ml): Experience a surge of hydration with our Rice Hyaluronic Acid Essence. Enriched with the goodness of rice raw pulp and the moisture-locking prowess of hyaluronic acid, this essence deeply nourishes your skin, restoring its natural plumpness and elasticity. Hyaluronic acid's ability to retain moisture ensures that your skin stays hydrated and rejuvenated throughout the day.

Rice Protoplasm Emulsion (120ml): Our Rice Protoplasm Emulsion is a lightweight, nutrient-rich formula that effortlessly absorbs into your skin, providing essential nutrients from rice raw pulp. This emulsion works to balance and hydrate your skin, leaving it feeling supple and revitalized. It forms a protective barrier, locking in moisture while promoting a smoother and more even complexion.

Rice Protoplasm Face Cream (50g): Indulge your skin with the nourishment it deserves. Our Rice Protoplasm Face Cream, infused with rice raw pulp, deeply moisturizes and revitalizes your skin. This cream's rich, yet non-greasy texture, absorbs quickly, providing long-lasting hydration. It helps in improving skin texture, leaving it soft, radiant, and visibly healthier.

Rice Pulp Toner (120ml): Reveal your skin's natural radiance with our Rice Pulp Toner. Formulated with rice raw pulp, this toner refines pores, balances skin's pH levels, and preps your skin for better absorption of subsequent skincare products. Its gentle formula soothes and hydrates, giving your skin a refreshed and revitalized look.

Rice Protoplasm Cleanser (100g): Our Rice Protoplasm Cleanser is a gentle yet effective way to cleanse your skin. Enriched with the goodness of rice raw pulp, it removes impurities and excess oil without stripping away essential moisture. This cleanser leaves your skin feeling clean, refreshed, and ready to absorb the benefits of your skincare routine.

Rice Protoplasm Eye Cream (20g): Pamper the delicate skin around your eyes with our Rice Protoplasm Eye Cream. Infused with rice raw pulp, this eye cream targets fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. Its nourishing formula hydrates and revitalizes, leaving the eye area looking brighter, firmer, and more youthful.

🍚 Specifications 🍚 The set includes:

  • Rice Hyaluronic Acid Essence 15ml
  • Rice Protoplasm Emulsion 120ml
  • Rice Protoplasm Face Cream 50g
  • Rice Pulp Toner 120ml
  • Rice Protoplasm Cleanser 100g
  • Rice Protoplasm Eye Cream 20g

Indulge in Timeless Elegance and Beauty! Revel in the luxurious skincare journey inspired by the ageless beauty secrets of rice.  

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